VARZI VIVA Cultural Association
 The cultural association
  (italian version)

The symbol of "Varzi Viva" is after a sculpture
in the Capuchin Friars’ romanesque church

  • Our date of birth: "Varzi Viva" was set up in 1994.

  • Our aims:

    • operate for the rescue, upkeeping and enhancement of the cultural heritage of Lombardy and particularly of the Varzi area and its surroundings, utilizing volunteering as a means of social solidarity able to promote and develop the human nature, volunteering being considered a means of educating and making citizens aware of questions relating to the history and culture of the territory they live in;

    • promote and organize lectures, exhibitions and other cultural and artistic events, as well as meetings aiming at planning and developing interventions and activities of the association and make its initiatives well known; set up relations with public bodies and istitutions and other associations even if having other goals but political and party linked; publish bibliographical literature and booklets illustrating the activities carried out by the association; establish a data bank of all works of arts and important documents held by private individuals as well as by public bodies;

    • launch awareness campaigns inspired by a concept of preserving memories and of knowledge which may be both a cult of the past and a shaping of the future; operate for the protection of the environment and nature; co-operate with other institutions and associations for the safeguarding and the education to a proper enjoyment of the cultural, historical, natural riches of Lombardy, considered as a precious heritage to be transferred to future generations; act for the protection of the rights of the individual, developing actions both for the prevention and the handling of difficult situations.

  • A few events organized by us:

    • performance of plays in Varzi dialect;

    • cultural-ecological trips to castles and churches of the surroundings;

    • opening of the Witches' Tower (Malaspina Castle);

    • open air classical music concerts, operas and light operas;

    • sacred music concerts in the Capuchin Friars' Church;

    • Christmas concerts in the Parish church;

    • cleaning of the bed of the Stàffora river;

    • exhibition "Old shops";

    • cultural excursions to Italian cities;

  • Per year membership fee: € 10,00 (ordinary member), € 15,00 (supporting member), € 25,00 (beneficial member), € 50,00 (extraordinary member).

  • How to subscribe: send a non transferable bank cheque in Lit. or a postal money order to "Varzi Viva", Via Di Dentro 1, 27057 Varzi, Italy.

  • New subscriptions and renewals can be effected either at the Association's office or at the stationery book-shop "Cartoleria Deglialberti Silvana", via Pietro Mazza 7, 27057 Varzi, tel. 0383.52690, having an agreement with "Varzi Viva".

Pietro   Marchetti